Xaar – New print head for industrial inkjet introduced

New print head by Xaar (Source: Xaar)

UK • Xaar launched a new print head, the Xaar 1003 AMx for precise and controlled small drop (6-42 pL) functional fluid deposition. Suitable for the production of fine features, patterns and coatings, this new print head can be used in sectors such as advanced manufacturing, flat panel display, PCB, semiconductors and photovoltaics.

According to the company the Xaar 1003 AMx combines highly accurate drop placement, consistent drop volume and high frequency jetting with variable drop size capability to deliver precise functional fluid control. For this reason it is especially suited for applications which require tight regulation of coating thicknesses, precise patterns and management of substrate surface characteristics.


In addition, the Xaar 1003 AMx has a series of special internal and external coatings which enable the print head to jet a range of corrosive and reactive functional fluids. Combined with the company’s TF technology, these features ensure a long printhead running time with functional fluids as well as reduced maintenance, according to Xaar.

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