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Xeikon: Extended colour gamut for folding cartons

New basic configuration for digital production of folding cartons

Digitally produced folding cartons

THE NETHERLANDS The Xeikon Folding Carton Suite now offers a basic press configuration where the print stations are equipped with orange toner, in combination with CMYK. The extended colour gamut achieved with this configuration ensures the accurate production of a wider range of brand colours. The orange toner can be replaced with other colours such as red, blue or green. Also included in the Folding Carton Suite is the cloud-based Xeikon Color Control for colour management.

An alternative press configuration includes a digital spot varnish station, equipped with Durable Clear Toner. The Durable Clear Toner applies in-line spot varnish to make the folding box scuff and scratch resistant, a standard requirement with folding carton production.

The Folding Carton Suite also features a unique fuser drum to enable the production of smooth and consistent print on uneven and textured media, especially recycled board stock ranging from GC board to GC, GT and GZ grades. The Alpine 516 fuser drum has a flexible outer layer as opposed to a standard hard drum surface which can result in an uneven gloss level on textured materials. It is offered as an option for the two 516 mm wide printing presses in the 3000 Series, the entry level 3050 and high speed 3500, and existing installations can be field upgraded.

In order to increase the lifecycle of parts a simple-to-activate web cleaning system has now also been included in the Folding Carton Suite, lowering the overall cost of production.

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