Zeller+Gmelin – No bisphenol A in new ink series

GERMANY • The low-migration UV-flexo printing inks of the Uvaflex FCM-Y81-series offer a high degree of migration safety and feature low odour. Moreover, the formulation of the new ink series completely dispenses with BPA-containing raw materials. They are therefore particularly suitable for the printing of labels, folding boxes and flexible packaging in the food sector. The Uvaflex FCM-Y81-colours meet, amongst others, the requirements of the current Nestlé Guidance Note dated September 2016.

The new FCM-Y81-series is universally applicable on paper and film. In production, the printing ink series is characterized by homogeneous machine behaviour, good printability featuring a stable viscosity and very good flow properties also at high machine speeds. The high colour strength allows the reduction of the cell volume of the anilox roller and thus less ink consumption as well as the combined high-quality printing of screens and solids with one printing plate. The inks of the FCM-Y81-series can be overprinted both in laser printing and the thermal direct or thermal transfer process. It is also suitable for over lacquering and refinement by foil stamping.

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