Product: Download »Digital Printing today Annual Edition 2016«

Download »Digital Printing today Annual Edition 2016«

To highlight our best articles about digital printing solutions, we compiled “Digital Printing today" 2016.
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Although the current share of digital printing is still quite low in label (about 5%) and package printing (about 1%), these facts should not cause us to lose sight of what is a most promising and economically advantageous process. However, applying the best digital practices requires not only a sound technical understanding, but also an awareness how digital processes affect sales and marketing strategies.

In recognition of these facts, the special “Digital Printing today” has now become a regular feature of our complete range of trade publications. To highlight the best articles published in this feature throughout the year and as part of our mission to provide a comprehensive range of information to our readers, we compiled “Digital Printing today 2016”. Offering a broad range of information on digital printing solutions to our readers, it can be easily downloaded free of charge through our online shop.

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