Product: Download » A survey of the die-cutting segment «

Download » A survey of the die-cutting segment «

Read in this eDossier what several companies in the label industry think about the current status-quo of the die-cutting of labels.
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No self-adhesive label is produced without being die-cutted after the printing and finishing. From rotary or semi-rotary die-cutting up to laser die-cutting a range of technologies can be used for this part of label production. NarrowWebTech asked a range of companies to name the current challenges for the die-cutting of labels, the role of digitization in this regard and how laser die-cutting fits into this industry.

We asked the following ques­tions:

– What are the current chal­lenges for the die-cutting of labels?

– We are living in a digitized production world, in your opinion, which system is the most suitable for the modern single-pass label printing (rotary/laser) process?

– In general: what are your preferences for certain applica­tions? (Semi) rotary die-cutting or laser die-cutting?

– Laser die-cutting is a rather new technology: where do you see the opportunities and limitations of this process?

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