Product: Download »Printers Survey 2018: What is happening in the label industry?«

Download »Printers Survey 2018: What is happening in the label industry?«

NarrowWebTech’s 2018 survey of label printers, converters and associations.
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What requirements do label printers and converters have to meet in today’s printing industry? Will 2018 be a compelling year of innovation or more a year of reflection and consolidation? What was the most important trend in 2017 that the label industry should keep in mind? The editorial team of NarrowWebTech asked a range of label printers, converters and associations for their opinions.

Two main trends for label and package printers became apparent even though they do not appear to be running in parallel: First, the increasing efficiency of printing presses with a higher de­gree of automation, faster press speeds, high-tech inspection and web guiding systems for fewer in­terruptions and, just as important, faster job changes.

Second, a label is not just a label anymore. Opportunities being of­fered through digital printing, ink­jet and toner-based (individualiza­tion, shorter runs, personalization), adding high value through embel­lishment and finishing or the in­stallations of eight-, ten- or twelve-colour presses are just some of the most relevant trends label printers will have to face in 2018.

In this survey you will find opinions by: Thomas Hagmaier (CEO Hagmaier Etiketten & Druck), Chris Ellison (Managing director, OPM Group; President FINAT), Dr Johannes Michael Wareka (CEO Marzek Etiketten+Packaging), Ales Paula (Sales director, Colognia Press), Christian Poirault (CEO APE – Labelys Group), Marie Aubin (CEO Braizat Etiquettes), Jules Lejeune (Managing director FINAT),Graham Backhouse (Managing director BPIF labels) .

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