Doctor Blade

Doctor blades are thin and ground tools used to remove excess transfer media off the surface of anilox rollers (in flexo printing) or printing cylinders (in gravure printing). The core task of the doctor blade is to ensure that only the pre-defined amount of transfer media remains in the cells. Usually, doctor blades are made of stainless steel (coated or uncoated ) but also composite materials are used.

Companies in the field of Doctor Blade:

Daetwlyer Swisstec

Daetwyler Swisstec develops and produces doctor blades for all print applications. One of the companys’ core competencies is the lamination of doctor blades.

The producer of doctor blades enacts its own research and development department and production facilities in Switzerland, USA, China and India. Daetwyler Swisstec supports its affiliates with a worldwide distribution network, its longtime experience and more than 40 print technicians.

In doing so the company deploys competence and expertise to meet the customer needs.